Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

John C. Maxwell is accredited with saying “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”.  It’s a short and massively powerful statement and a wake-up call to many people. It’s one of the most important lessons, if not THE most important lesson any entrepreneur needs to understand.

It takes a special person to become an entrepreneur, and even more special person to become a serial entrepreneur.  Being an entrepreneur sounds almost glamorous, because it is French it sounds even better, more important, and even lofty. But at the end of the day the word Entrepreneur is the sugar coating for “this is very hard work” – many entrepreneurs will use more colourful language because doing what they do is perhaps the hardest work of all.

The work is so hard at times that if a person had any real sense, they would never be an entrepreneur. It sounds fantastic but the job description, if it existed, would be banned under a lot of work-related legislation. However, because of a simple phrase summed up by John C. Maxwell the job description is overlooked, the job itself is done and many dreams come true every day.

It is a good thing that being an entrepreneur is hard work. If doing what these people do was easy and could be done by a sleepy six-year-old we would all be doing it. If this happened who would do the humdrum, yet equally vital, everyday jobs that make the world run as it does?  Being an entrepreneur is not for the fainthearted. It takes gumption, nerves of steel and above all hard work. 

If you put Maxwell’s  “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”  alongside Steinbeck’s “Best Laid Plans” you will have an idea what being an entrepreneur with a dream is like.  Getting up each day and doing  what needs to be done is but a fragment of the hard work. An entrepreneur often knows, or at least feels, that if they don’t do “it” it won’t get done. The other part of hard work is the very fact that nothing goes to plan or goes quite as it should proving Steinbeck was as a much a philosopher as an author.

It can be all too easy to give up when things get tough. For the true entrepreneur giving up is not an option. Hard work and some serious hustling are the solution, the only solution. It could be so easy to go back to a 9 to 5 job, get the weekends free and live happily ever after. Many opt out; they give up all to easily and this is where the prospect of hard or even harder work comes steers the individual.

When the world seems like it is caving in and all hope is lost is the point where dreams come true or dreams die. There are countless people out there who have thrown it all away, ignored their special gifts and skills simply because things got tough. This is the point where if you thought you were already working as hard as possible then you  need to think again because even harder work is needed to make things happen and overcome the challenges.

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do isn’t so much a simple statement of fact but is very much a deep question that needs answering about how hard you are prepared to work and how valuable your dream is. So, how valuable is your dream and hard are you prepared to work to make it come true? 

An experienced marketing consultant, content writer and published author, Matt Newnham Put his Dream to the Test through the John C. Maxwell leadership team. Today, the knowledge gained, and skills learned are used to make his dreams come true. www.mattnewnham.com