How To Become The Best Version Of You?

How To Become The Best Version Of You?

How often do you see someone on TV, in a magazine, or face to face? You wish you were that, or you had that person's height and skin color.

When I was ten years old, I loved watching Bruce Lee movies. Every Friday afternoon, I would rush home so that I could watch the Bruce Lee movie special. I would get home, throw my backpack on a chair and sit and enjoy my movie. After the movie, I would find any other kid who used to mess with me. I would tell them, "Show me what you get" Guess what would happen to me? I would get my butt whooped so severely. I did not realize that I was Yvener and not Bruce Lee. I did not know that I did not have the body, the mind, and the strength of Bruce Lee.

I will underline three things an individual must do to become the best version of him or herself.

  1. Love & Accept Yourself
  2. Know That You Are Valuable
  3. Run Your Race
  4. Love & Accept Yourself

Sometimes we look at ourselves in the mirror, wishing we were different. We wished we were taller, skinnier. We sometimes wish we had a different skin tone. In varying degrees, it seems that most of us are not satisfied with the way we were made. Love and acceptance do not come from changing ourselves to become more lovable. Scripture tells us we are already loved just the way we are. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our society has programmed us to believe that we must look and act to be accepted. Many times those who create those standards of acceptance feel unaccepted deep down in their hearts. No matter how much we try to change our outward appearance to gain love and acceptance, I am afraid, my friend, you will be disappointed.

Secondly, you need to recognize that you are valuable. To become the best possible version of yourself, you need to acknowledge that you are helpful regardless of your size, skin tone, and the language you speak. For a few years, I believed that I could not be a public speaker because of my accent. I have good news for you. With my accent, I speak life over many people and help them discover their greatness. Let me tell you. I know that you are valuable: Scripture tells us that God proclaims that we were made perfect in His sight. Fellow Torch lighters, It has been validated by the creation of the Universe, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you… You are valuable. You do not need permission from Hollywood.

Run Your Race

Thirdly, you need to run your race according to your pace. Stop comparing yourself to others. In a race, the referee always says, "On Your Mark, Get Set, GO….It will help if you stay on your mark, not on the other runner's mark, because it is impossible to focus on winning while focusing on the mark of your opponent. Stop wishing you were in someone else's place. Comparing is one of the things that will destroy and kill your joy and peace. It will suffocate your sanity.


Therefore, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, don't be afraid of what you see, for you were made in the image of God, and he declares that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I urge you to love and accept yourself unconditionally and begin a relationship with yourself. Don't make someone a priority who does not even make you an option. Know your worth. Know you are valuable. When you value yourself, you spend your time working on yourself and developing your mind. Don't dilute yourself because you want the approval of someone else. Continue to run your race as you cannot reach your goals and destiny while focusing on someone else's life.