I Am The Best Me

I Am The Best Me
I once felt like a shadow,
Seen but not heard
Existing but never there;
Always changing to be different,
Like the clothes that I wear.
A slave to the flashing lights
Click! Click! On the selfie stick,
Fifty snaps before the picture feels right.
Every edited upload a pursuit of acceptance,
Every comment a meal to my starving pride.
But what does it benefit a man
To gain the world with all its fans
And live life, nothing like you were meant to be?
Yielding to the urge to fit in,
With the need for approval like a next of kin.
How could I forget that I am His delight?
No fault in me was found in His sight.
Designed as a masterpiece divine
How could I disremember I am the best me?
My self-worth no longer a hankering plight.
Free from the yoke of Hollywood views
No longer a shadow, now the chief of the light.
In His image, He made of me a child
Beautiful and wonderful
I am the best in my own kind.
by Yvener Duroseau