Our mission is to inspire the world with positive messages and slogans to give people hope and to help change their negative thinking to a positive one. Positive Print Shop does this by customizing affordable, high-quality t-shirts and other apparel with words of encouragement focusing on dreams, goals, relationships, self-confidence, spirituality, and much more.

Being passive is not the default human model. 

 Otherwise, we would have been born as sloths and pandas (without offending these adorable creatures). 

 Our essence is to strive, desire, move forward, and feel worthwhile towards what we want.


Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.

William James

Why is motivation important? 

Why is it important to understand motivation? Why do we care what people want, and why do they want it? How about it because it can improve our lives? Understanding the motives  

 provides many valuable insights into human nature. It's like why we set goals, strive for achievement and strength, why we crave psychological intimacy and biological sex, and why are scared, angry, and compassionate. Explain if you are experiencing emotions. 

 Learning about motivation helps to understand where inspiration comes from, why it changes, what increases or decreases it, what aspects can and cannot be changed, and some motivation. Worth more than others because it helps answer questions about why it is more informative. 

 Motivation reflects something unique to us, enabling us to achieve valuable outcomes such as improved performance, well-being, personal growth, and purpose. Motivation is a way to change our way of thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Benefits of motivation 

 Finding ways to motivate is significant because it can change behavior, develop skills, be creative, set goals, broaden interest, plan, develop talent, and increase engagement. It is crucial to. Applying the science of motivation to everyday life can motivate employees, guide athletes, raise children, advise clients and encourage students. 

 Motivation is an essential resource that enables us to adapt, work productively and stay happy in the front of ever-changing opportunities and threat streams. The benefits of motivation are evident in the way we live. As we are constantly responding to changes in the environment, we need the motivation to take corrective action in the face of changing situations. 

I have learned from my mistakes, and I am sure I can repeat them exactly.

Peter Cook

 Motivation is a psychological state related to our physiology. When our motivation is exhausted, our functional ability and well-being are impaired. There are many health benefits to motivation.

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